Our landscaping services balance the various needs of your property to deliver exceptional results. From weekly maintenance to complete landscape renovations, you’ll discover that Mickey’s LawnScapes executes every task neatly, efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption to you, your family or your property. Our solutions are creative and cost-effective. Plus, we maintain the licensed staff and state-of-the-art equipment to keep every project moving and on schedule…whatever the weather may do.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

In forest settings, trees and shrubs are free to absorb all the nutrients they need from the rich, organic forest soil. But in your landscape, it’s a different story entirely. The roots of your trees and shrubs are constantly competing with grass roots for valuable nutrients. In addition, they’re often planted in poor subsoil after topsoil is removed, and they need our help in order to thrive.

Mickey’s fertilization is an extremely efficient method of delivering nutrients to your trees and shrubs. With this service, we inject a water and slow-release fertilizer mixture 8″ to 10″ below the soil surface under high pressure, right into the feeder root zone of your trees and shrubs. This ensures that all feeder roots are fed and helps to reduce soil compaction around your landscape plants.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Your landscape’s trees and shrubs will grow naturally, but professional pruning from Mickey’s LawnScapes can go a long way toward improving their appearance and health, especially for your flowering plants. With pruning, we can:

  • Improve a plant’s appearance and help it keep the right shape.

  • Prompt new growth. Plants respond to pruning by growing. Pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit. Pruning is very important for newly transplanted plants to balance the foliage to what the roots can support.

  • Increase the plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood. Thinning also increases air circulation and light to inner branches to prevent disease.

  • Improve safety. Pruning removes weak branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Trees and shrubs are significant investments that can increase both the beauty and value of your property…as long as they’re chosen and planted correctly. At Mickey’s LawnScapes, we are experts at helping you choose the plants that will look best in your landscape while meeting your overall design objectives. We know which trees and shrubs grow well in our area, and we know how to install and care for them to ensure that they reach their true potential.

Landscape Design/Build

Landscape improvements can make a tremendous difference in the looks, usefulness and value of your property. No matter what the style or size of your house, your property or your budget, we can offer a variety of creative ideas to fit your lifestyle and needs.

At Mickey’s LawnScapes, we ask how you want to use your property and about the needs of your family members, then help you create both your short- and long-term plans. From the smallest to the largest jobs, we start with the basics of good design: combining function with form, and beauty with utility. We can help bring ideas together that will best meet your goals for your landscape.

Seasonal Color

Adding seasonal color to your landscape with flowers is a great way to improve your property’s curb appeal. Displays of annuals, perennials and bulbs can dramatically convert what might otherwise be commonplace to areas of spectacular beauty on any property. Depending on your space and budget, Mickey’s LawnScapes can plan one-, two- or three-season displays.

Paths & Walkways

While colorful flowers and stately trees certainly look good on their own, they can be made to look even better with the right hardscape elements. Stone paths and walkways from Mickey’s LawnScapes can bring added form and function to your property while complementing your landscape’s natural components.