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How Often Should You Mow A Lawn

Mowing is undoubtedly an integral part of lawn care and maintenance. In facts, the biggest amount of time you will invest in the maintenance of your lawn will be spent mowing.

But, how often should you mow your lawn? That’s the question.

The answer is – it depends. On what? The time of year. Once spring arrives, you will need to adjust how often you mow your lawn according to both the month and the weather. During the last few weeks of April and May, you need to mow once every two weeks. The grass grows faster during spring or fall. In the summer, you can increase mowing cycles to as often as every two or three days during the peak growing season, but follow the one-third rule! The one-third rule says that you must remove only one-third the height of the grass during one mowing session. You must leave your grass slightly longer than the length you keep during the other seasons. Now, on to the fall months! You only need to mow your lawn every 10 to 14 days in the fall. In the winter, you’d want to mow once every four to six weeks.

Don’t mow your lawn too often! Too much of anything can cause more harm than good. Also, avoid mowing in drought or wet weather. Never ever mow a wet lawn, for the surface will be uneven, and you may even damage your mower.

While these tips and suggestions work in most cases, know that every lawn is different, and so is every area. That being said, it would be a lot more beneficial to leave it to the pros to do the job! Mickey’s Lawnscapes offers an array of lawn care and maintenance services to help maintain and enhance your lawns. Let us take the stress out of managing your property!

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