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Experience the beauty of natural stone with MICKEY'S LAWNSCAPES, Inc.

Our experienced Landscape Masonry provides high-quality stone walkways, stone walls, and driveway edging to transform your outdoor spaces into something extraordinary. 

MICKEY'S LAWNSCAPES, Inc. is an owner-operated business with over 30 years of experience. Your surroundings should express you, your wants, your plan, and your aesthetics. Even the smallest details demonstrate your style.  From sleek contemporary to old-fashioned to traditional designs, we can work with you to create what your vision is. Creating spaces that are not only functional but also that you love to come home to.

We believe that the client is our business!

Whether for form or function, stonework in your landscape design lends a sophisticated appearance to any home style while simultaneously increasing its value.


If you are looking for masonry work, a natural footpath, a stone wall, a stone repair, or something else you need help with, call us to discuss your thoughts.


Pathway and Walkways    Driveway aprons    Rock walls

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