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Almost every lawn can use a little fixing up or repair occasionally.
We offer various lawn care and maintenance services to help maintain 
and enhance your lawns.

Aeration is essential to improve your lawn's overall health and appearance.
Your lawn needs to be aerated once a year, the best time being during the
early spring, similar to the farmer plowing the fields yearly. Aeration helps
combat thatch buildup and soil compaction. These conditions are typical
because of the heavy use of your yard and waterlogged soil.
The damaged or unhealthy roots cause shallow roots, reduced thickness,
and growth 
of your lawn struggling to get oxygen or find much-needed nutrients
from the soil compaction. 

In addition, Aeration your lawn could also benefit from a top dress that is more robust and will build stronger roots, fight disease, and keep soil from compacting.
This enhances the beauty, and the lush feel of a well-balanced lawn expresses that. When dealing with poor soil, topdressing your lawn is the ideal solution.
Topdressing is the application of organic materials adequately spread over the surface of your yard. Aeration also property controls weeds by having your lawn as healthy as possible.

Sodding is one of the miracles of lawn care, and we use the best selections of sod 
freshly cut for a healthier lawn once installed. We use sod from a local farm because it adapts to our soil better. All sod is seamed tightly to minimize sliding or prevent weeds from growing between each section. Many benefits are included. Many uses include the grass being exceptionally faster to establish, avoiding seeding failure, minimizing weed disruption, and providing soil stabilization.

Mickey's Lawnscapes offers various renovation and maintenance services for your lawn.

And so much more. Give us a call to answer any questions you may have.

Some of the services we offer:


Scheduled and On-Call lawn mowing services   - Soil and Lawn Aeration   - Thatch removal   - Spot seeding    - Topdressing    - Spot Sod touchup  - Complete seed topdressing     - Total New Sod replacement   
Lawn Renovation
   - Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn Mower Selection Support
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